Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cakes from the past

Wedding Cakes
This cake was my sister's cake. It was my first wedding cake and though it was a lot of work, it is one of my favorite. A friend did the flowers, if you take off the top, which is way too big, the cake is beautiful.

This cake was for my other sister. It was my first experience with a fondant cake. I did the flowers on this one.

Birthday Cakes

Cakes for a variety of occassions and holidays

Baby Shower Cakes and Cup Cakes

Special Orders

The following two cakes I made for a school.
They gave me quotes and the design that they wanted. Before quotes:After Quotes:

Napolean Dynamite Cakes

The very beginning

My very first cake.
Another first

Friday, October 31, 2008

Most recent cakes...

I think I am missing a few cakes, but I will have to track down the pictures. This site will have a variety of pictures from the same cakes so you can see all the different angles and details.

Rocket Ship
I did this cake for a birthday party.
The candles were used as the rocket boosters.

Baby Shower
This cake was by far the biggest cake I have ever done. It was also my first time creating a picture with fondant. It was a lot of fun.

Construction Cake
I made this cake for a birthday party.

Lightening McQueen
I made this cake for a birthday party.

This was my second attempt at this cake.
I made it two birthdays in a row for my son.