Friday, June 10, 2016

4 weeks of busy cake decorating

I usually average about a cake a month, however, in the past four weeks, I have completed 6 cakes! It has been kind of crazy, but they are all completed and now I get to enjoy the summer playing with my kids.

My orders started with a "Flash" birthday cake. 

Then came a Girl Scout cake. The girls were moving from Daisies to Brownies. I really enjoyed making this bridge. It is made out of gum paste.

Up next was a cake for someone that graduated from nursing school. 

While working on the nurse grad cake, I also did a high school graduation cake and cup cakes.

After a few days with a clean kitchen I then did another high school graduation cake and messed it all up again. This one was delivered to Cheyenne, WY. 

The last cake was a birthday cake with a "Dr. Who" theme. 

Books, Diapers, and a Onesie

Baby Shower cakes are always a lot of fun! 

These cupcakes were for a books and diaper themed baby shower. 

This cake was for a cowboy themed baby shower.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Millenium Falcon

I had the opportunity to create the Millenium Falcon for an 8 year old's birthday party. To say that he was excited when he saw this cake would be an understatement. His reaction made the many hours of creating worth it. Sorry for all the pics. There is a lot of detail on this cake and I wanted to document all of it. For a fun look at my progress as a cake decorator, take a look at the 2009 album over in archives, I did a couple Millenium Falcons back then. It is fun to see the difference in cakes. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Playing catch up...

It has been a long time since I have posted pics of cake projects that I have done, so I am playing catch up. This post will be a handful of cakes I have done in the past 18+ months. There are a few posts, beyond this one, with other recent cakes, however it was taking too long to post each cake on its own, so here you go, in no particular order.

The Lost in Space Robot, B-9. 

The order for this great cake came with the following description, "Can you make me a blue ball thingy  (planet) for my Star Wars Legos?" You bet buddy! 

A little bit of minion fun!

A Halo character ripping through the top of the cake for an 8 year old's birthday party.

The Fairy Pirate and her map, complete with a garden of flowers, toadstools, small creatures, and pixie dust. 

This cake was for a friend that graduated from nursing school. I made this cake to help her celebrate her amazing accomplishment. 

Happy 80's Dance Party Birthday!

A bucket of water balloons for a water themed birthday party.