Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Learning Fondant

I am taking a cake class to learn how to use fondant and gum paste. I am loving it and learning a lot. Here are pictures of a cake I did using some of my new learned techniques. Check back at the beginning of March and there should be 2 more cakes added to the collection.


The Parkers said...

that is amazing...move closer to me and teach me how to do it!! :)

Michelle said...

that is so cool!! Sweet you will be pro by the time it's my turn to get married! haha! Oh and great news! Ashley Johnson and Carrie Whiting are BOTH engaged! i know it's crazy but i just thought you might want to know! Love ya!

Dawn Davis said...

super cute!! maybe I'll pick up some kind of hobby while Ryan is gone...eh maybe not. Have you seen the blog, cakewrecks.blogspot.com?? It is HILARIOUS!! You should check it out when you have extra time...extra time, hmm what's that???